Mise en point de Dr. Cynthia McKinney au sujet de la RDCongo

Étant en possession d’importantes informations sur le processus électoral actuel en République Démocratique du Congo et sur le trucage prévu lors du scrutin présidentiel de 2016 où certains, aux États-Unis et dans la région des Grands Lacs, ont déjà choisi le futur le président de la RDC, j’ai été contactée par des Congolais qui souhaitaient que j’aide à dénoncer cette mascarade, comme je l’avais déjà fait il y a plusieurs années au moment de la publication du rapport des Nations Unies de 2001 sur le pillage du Congo.

Je rappelle qu’à l’époque, j’avais communiqué plusieurs documents bancaires et autres preuves en ma possession aux enquêteurs de l’ONU. Connaissant donc mon engagement en faveur du respect des droits humains et de la souveraineté de la RDCongo lorsque je siégeais au Congrès américain, des Congolais sont venus me voir espérant que je pourrais à nouveau contribuer à rendre publiques des informations majeures sur la RDC. J’ai donné mon accord de principe pour cette action mais j’ai été surprise d’apprendre, dans un document diffusé sur internet et visant manifestement à nuire à ma réputation, que j’étais prête à faire du lobbying en faveur du gouvernement congolais alors que je n’ai jamais eu d’atomes crochus avec le régime de Kinshasa.

Vu la façon dont ce document est formulé et la vitesse avec laquelle il a été publié sur les réseaux sociaux, cela me donne surtout l’impression que soit quelqu’un a cherché à me salir soit que j’ai été victime d’un traquenard.
Dans tous les cas, si je m’exprime publiquement sur cette affaire, c’est pour dire qu’ayant toujours demandé la vérité sur l’assassinat de Patrice Lumumba, celui de Laurent-Désiré Kabila et sur tous les crimes commis contre le peuple congolais, je ne peux pas tolérer que mon nom soit associé à des basses manœuvres politiciennes qui visent à défendre le régime de Kinshasa ou à spolier le peuple congolais qui souffre depuis plus de soixante ans de violence et d’injustice.

Je rassure tous les Congolais sur le fait que je n’ai touché aucun centime du gouvernement de Kinshasa et que je n’ai jamais touché un centime pour tout ce que j’ai fait jusqu’ici pour la République Démocratique du Congo. Je vais soumettre cette affaire à mon avocat pour savoir quelle suite lui donner.

Ceux qui espèrent par ces actes indélicats m’empêcher de défendre le droit du peuple congolais à l’autodétermination, à la vérité et à la justice se trompent. J’aiderai de vrais patriotes Congolais déterminés à sortir leur pays de l’impasse, de l’occupation étrangère et du pillage dont il est, aujourd’hui encore l’objet.

Truth Foretold, Specious Journalism, And Spurious Assertions: The Case of Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg View, and The Charlotte Observer

While it is true that I was “booted” by pro-war Democrats who worked in concert with like-minded Republicans, your assertion of my being booted for “peddling conspiracies” deserves a deeper look. My booting, by the way, resulted in the GOP takeover of my home State of Georgia, an outcome that seemingly makes both pro-war Democrats and Republicans (now called “globalists”) comfortable. Therefore, I want to take a deeper look at what I did “peddle:”


  1. That Presidential candidate George W. Bush worked with his Florida Governor brother, Jeb, to orchestrate election theft in the 2000 Presidential election. Now that the public has caught up with the facts that I put on the table in 2000 and 2001 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdPhXuTzQeI), this position is supported by evidence that is available to all;
  2. That President George W. Bush received warnings about an impending attack on the US (http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/11/cia-directors-documentary-911-bush-213353) and actively blocked an investigation (http://edition.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/01/29/inv.terror.probe/) into the September 11, 2001 attacks. Now that the public has caught up with the facts that I put on the table in 2001, this position is supported by evidence that is available to all;
  3. That the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (https://www.vcf.gov/faq.html) was really set up to thwart 9/11 wrongful death lawsuits because it prevented victims’ survivors from getting justice in US Courts; I felt that victims and victims’ survivors should be able to sue the culprits as well as receive support from the Fund. The President recently vetoed legislation that would allow lawsuits to move forward against Saudi Arabia and Congress just overrode his veto. Fourteen years later, I am pleased that, once again, my position has been supported by evidence that has been clearly available to all for at least a decade;
  4. That the US was not justified in attacking Iraq in 2003. The most thorough investigation into the 2003 decision to go to war against Iraq is the Chilcot Report (http://www.iraqinquiry.org.uk/the-report/) which found that war was not the last option and that U.S. allegations of Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq were not justified. Now that the public has caught up with the facts that I put on the table in 2002, this position is supported by evidence that is available to all;
  5. That the then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, failed to perform his job during Hurricane Katrina and that thousands needlessly died because he failed the Gulf States and the country. After joining with Republicans and writing a Congressional Report on the subject that is available to the public (www.nola.com/katrina/pdf/mainreport.pdf), my position is supported by evidence that is available to all;
  6. That a specific allegation had been made to my Congressional Office that thousands of bodies had been dumped in Louisiana swamps after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Now, we know that 9/11 human remains were dumped in a landfill (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/29/us/panel-recommends-more-oversight-and-training-at-dover-mortuary.html?_r=0) with such action having been deemed “dereliction of duty,” so who has conducted an independent investigation into what happened in Louisiana, in particular, with respect to body disposal?
  7. That racism exists in Capitol Hill Police Department similar to what exists in other police departments around the U.S. and that I was a victim of that discrimination after I supported a lawsuit filed by Black police officers after one of their superior officers used the word “nigger.” Black police officers have been waiting fifteen years for justice and recently held a demonstration in support of their claim (http://www.rollcall.com/news/policy/former-capitol-police-call-attention-discrimination-lawsuits). One need only hear the moving testimony of the U.S. Senate’s lone Black GOP Member and his interactions with the Capitol Hill Police (http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/floor-speeches/tim-scott-black-republican-emotional-powerful-dramatic-race-speech-targeted-capitol-police) to understand that my experience was surely possible. Now, again—after the fact— that the public has caught up with the evidence that I put on the table in 2006, my position is supported by evidence that is available to all, sadly now most of all, the family of Keith Lamont Scott and all of those young people who were just recently in Charlotte’s streets.


If only the press had decided to investigate my assertions rather than castigate me for making them! Maybe things would be far different than they are today in Iraq, Libya, Louisiana, and elsewhere. But, instead of investigation of the inconvenient or unpleasant facts that I repeatedly put on the table, the response was a frenzy of specious journalism and spurious assertions where true journalism was needed. Your column, with mention of my name, is an example of that. Such “reporting” is precisely why Trump’s attacks on the media resonate so well with the American and global public. The polling data on the public perception of the U.S. media is a damning indictment of the role the media has played in this country for too many years. That is why the U.S. public more and more now seeks its information from foreign media outlets, the internet, “alternative” media, and less and less from “newspapers” like yours.


Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D.

Cynthia Speaks To Graduates At Cal State: Make Gentle Our Country In This World

And you, my proud graduates. How many of you are in debt because of student loans. In other parts of the world, education is valued and so the people demand and the policy makers provide affordable higher education, within the average family’s reach. Why not here? We do not have to have a 50% high school drop out rate, either.

But we will continue to get what I’ve described and worse if we continue to accept what we’ve been given. Frederick Douglass reminded us that power concedes nothing without a demand. What I want to tell you today is that you have the power to lodge a demand for a public policy result that will make our communities more prosperous and the world a safer place for us all. But understanding what our demands must be requires critical thinking and deep analysis of our current situation.

Sadly, even in this year of decision, however, these were not the issues that were put before you. And the reason is so that you will not lodge the demand. The organization of politics today, in combination with the media, is so that you won’t put forward the correct demand that will result in public policy changes desperately needed in this country.