Cynthia McKinney speaks in Los Angeles, March 13; San Francisco, March 19

Our country has been hijacked!

Condoleeza, Dick, and George lied to us and the Congress let them spy on us.

The Democrats in Congress chose to spend $720 million every day and make themselves complicit in war crimes, torture, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the peace.

$720 million a day can feed our hungry children, fund a way home for Katrina survivors, relieve families suffering from predator banks, and pay down on our national debt.

Speaker Pelosi:

Now that race is on the table, introduce legislation to eliminate all the racial disparities that have plagued our country and our communities since slavery.

Speaker Pelosi:

We're still waiting for a livable wage, single payer health care, students with an education free of exorbitant loans, and a return to the days when our country did good things and the world looked up to us.

Now countries crouch in fear of our next aggression!

Hands off Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador!

Hands off Haiti and Zimbabwe, and No war against Iran!

We want peace and justice now!

We must never give up! We must never give in! And we will use our vote to take our country back!

A Discussion Of Race That Matters

A Message from Cynthia McKinney
A Discussion of Race Worth Having
March 18, 2008

Much has been made around the edges of this campaign about the issue of race. Sadly, nothing has been made of the public policy exigencies that arise because of the urgent racial disparities that continue to exist in our country.

. . .

I am glad that candidate Obama mentioned the existing racial disparities in education, income, wealth, jobs, government services, imprisonment, and opportunity. Now it is time to address the public policies necessary to resolve these disparities. Now it is time to have the discussion on how we are going to come together and put policies in effect that will provide real hope and real opportunity to all in this country.

To narrow the gap between the ideals of our founding fathers and the realities faced by too many in our country today: That must be the role of public policy at this critical moment in our country today.

I welcome a real discussion of race in this country and a resolve to end the long-standing disparities that continue to spoil the greatness of our country. I welcome a real discussion of all the issues that face our country today and the real public policy options that exist to resolve them. That must be the measure of this campaign season. For many voters, this important discussion has been too vague or completely non-existent. Now is the time to talk about the concrete measures that will move our country forward: on race, war, climate change, the economy, health care, and education. Our votes and our political engagement must be about ensuring that fairness truly for all is embodied in "liberty and justice for all."

“Bow to the woman,” or Revisiting the racism of white feminism.

And so, this is what we’re reading and hearing in the media–the same assumptions are being made about how much Senator Clinton “deserves” the presidency (why, exactly?); the same argument abounds that the success of black men has somehow exceeded that of white women in government and corporations (patently false); the same claims of Senator Obama being unqualified and his successful candidacy the result of “affirmative action” (a charge that could easily be lobbed at Senator Clinton as well); the same erasure of black women from the discourse, except for when we’re being insulted or our experiences exploited. (In Jong’s effusive memorializing of mistreated female leaders, she notably leaves out Shirley Chisholm’s presidential run in 1972. Steinem and Morgan both talk about imaginary black female candidates as though we haven’t had them before–and don’t have one now in Cynthia McKinney, running for the Green nomination.)

Voices: McKinney for a truly singular moment toward change!

The Talented Tenth continues to dictate to the masses of Blacks who, as Professor Marc Lamont Hill writes, “remain consistently assaulted by the forces [of] white supremacy” (“Not My Brand of Hope”). In collusion with corporate power, the Talent Tenth works to suppress the possibility of real change that can only come from the poor, lower working class that consists of mainly Black, Latino/as and Native Americans.

. . .

Where’s the courage?

While I don’t support the Green Party, former Georgia member of Congress, Cynthia McKinney is running on the GP ticket for president. She has no problems being human, honoring her Black heritage, and standing up to corporate imperialism. To realize a truly singular moment, think outside the Republicrat box!

Wikinews interviews U.S. Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney

Wikinews: Why are you running for president?

Congresswoman McKinney: It is clear that the country needs an additional political party that is not beholden to special interests or corporate lobbyists. Just 5% of the electorate, voting for a third party candidate gets the nation just that. Therefore, for those who are tired of the ability of special interests and corporate interests to subvert the will of the people, their values, or change their policy makers,winning the 5% is the best way to infuse structural change into our political system.

A victory for the Green Party in this election is possible and necessary. The alternative we present will appeal to the large numbers of disfranchised voters who do not see the major party candidates addressing their issues. In order for a democratic government to work in the public interest, it has to be both transparent and accountable. If 5% vote Green, it will put a third chair at the table of American politics, and it will open the door to the people to see what is going on inside the two-party system that has become controlled by corporations and the expanding power of a military, industrial, and intelligence complex that President Eisenhower warned of in 1960. The Green Party will represent the voices of the majority of diverse and disfranchized voters and citizens and will directly and effectively address their issues.

Green Party Caucus Prefers Cynthia McKinney for President

while Tuesday night meant Republican John McCain secured his party's presidential nomination and the two Democrats duked it out for delegates in Ohio and Texas, locally it meant an opportunity for the Green Party of Minnesota to throw its hat into the presidential race.

About 20 people turned out for the party's Minnesota caucus on Tuesday night at Van Cleve Recreation Center. Straw poll results at that caucus show Cynthia McKinney won the contest handily, claiming 13 of 17 voters.

Perennial presidential hopeful Ralph Nader received one vote according to the poll, but he has said he doesn't want the party's nomination.

There will be a party convention June 7 and 8.

McKinney Leads with 62% in Minnesota Straw Poll, 50 of 67 Caucuses Reporting

At the Green Party's caucus on March 4th, Cynthia McKinney led the state's straw polling with 62% of the votes, with 50 out of 67 senate districts reporting. While the straw poll is non-binding, it is a good indication that Ms. McKinney will likely have a lot of support in the coming June convention, where Minnesota's 12 delegates to the national convention will be chosen.

Believing in change for the wrong reasons

As a resident of Pennsylvania in the front-loaded primary season I have, and still do have, a lot of time to decide who gets my vote. This is a very special occasion because, as an 18-year-old, this is the first time I can vote. I could not have predicted a few years ago that in the Democratic race there would be a half-black man as the presumptive Democratic nominee. For those who fill in the same ethnicity bubble on the SATs as I do it is an opportunity to elect a president who may change perceptions within our country.

However, as I learned more and more about politics I began to wonder how progressive Barack Obama would be. He has been running on the promise to simultaneously transcend partisanship while also changing America. What is most striking about this rhetoric is its similarities to that of Bill Clinton. . . .

Cynthia McKinney is the first African American female congresswoman elected to Georgia and an ex-Democrat running for the Green Party. As a six-term member of congress she amassed a consistent voting record. She voted against the Iraq War, but more importantly voted against the Gulf War in 1991. It’s not enough to just be against the Iraq War; meaningful change is a candidate against all wars of imperialism. She has also voted against funding the war despite the false assertions by other Democrats that somehow that would translate to troops with no armor or weapons in battle. McKinney introduced articles for impeachment against George Bush and passed legislation preventing the sale of weapons to human rights abusers. Isn’t that change you can believe in?

Ted Glick: Obama, Clinton, McKinney and Nader

I don't know how Greens who are long-time supporters of Nader are feeling about this latest development. I would think that some Greens who support McKinney and many of those who were hoping for a contest between Nader and McKinney within the Green Party context are not happy about it. That includes me.

. . .

These difficulties will not be made easier when Nader and McKinney have to also compete against each other for votes and, before that, for state ballot lines.

Nevertheless, it is better that there will be two progressive third party candidacies rather than none at all. They will play an important role in bringing forward the truth about Obama's--or Clinton's -- histories and positions on issues, challenge the Democrats from the left, expose the inconsistencies and downright bad positions. That will make it more difficult for the Democratic nominee to jettison his or her primary-season, more-progressive politics during the general election campaign. And that will help to lay the basis for an "action, not rhetoric" movement from below that will be absolutely essential . . .

GNN: American Blackout, in full in your browser, now

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