Will Cynthia McKinney Be the New Nader?

U.S. -- Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was widely viewed as
a liberal lightning rod during her 11 years in the House of
Representatives. She is the first African-American woman to represent
Georgia in the House and one of a handful of politicians who opposed the
Iraq war at its conception. Before exiting office in 2006, McKinney
introduced articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. But
many know her best for a run-in she had with a security guard at a
Washington, D.C., office building in March 2006.

That was then. Now, McKinney is being courted by the Green Party for a
possible run at the White House. She is currently on a speaking tour to
help pay off campaign bills from her failed congressional bid in 2006, and
will appear at Burlington's Contois Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug.
23. The next day, she'll be in Montpelier at the State House Cafeteria
from 9 to 10:30 a.m. In advance of her Vermont visit, McKinney responded
to Seven Days' questions with responses emailed from the road.

SEVEN DAYS: Your name has been floated in many circles as the Green
Party's top choice for a presidential candidate in 2008. How do you
respond to those rumors?

CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: I'm glad people are looking for an alternative that will
provide true leadership on the issues that matter the most to average,
ordinary Americans and common sense solutions to the problems they face,
unencumbered by the dictates of high-priced, fancy-clothed corporate
lobbyists whose positions are oftentimes at odds with the national
interests of the United States.

BlackAgendaReport.com: Cynthia McKinney Confronts Corporate Media Malice in Court

The American judicial system is not the place to seek Black liberation or redress, but it can serve to put our grievances on the record. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a corporate rag if there ever was one, has for many years defamed, libeled and maliciously harmed former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, their nemesis in the campaign to prove that Black voters are moving to the Right - a universal objective among corporate media. The newspaper's point person in this assault is another Black woman, editor Cynthia Tucker, a pet of her bosses and one mean pit bull. McKinney's suit targets Tucker's and her corporation's crimes against truth, but also illuminates the general offensive against Black self-determination. It's gonna be a long war.

McKinney Stumps with Green Houston City Council Candidate

Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney attended a joint fundraiser hosted by the Alfred Molison for Houston City Council campaign. The event was hosted at the Houston Shrine of the Black Madonna, Friday evening, August 3rd, 2007 and raised contributions from fifty plus Houstonians to benefit the debt retirement effort for Ms. McKinney's 2006 Congressional campaign, as well as Mr. Molison's 2007 bid for a seat on Houston City Council.

"It was distressing to hear her war stories from the front lines on Capitol Hill about monied interests undermining the aspirations of the American people," said Molison, candidate for Houston City Council, District C, an employee of the Social Security Administration who cochairs the Harris County Green Party. "Even so, I found her speech exciting and inspiring. I really appreciate that Cynthia took the time to drive from Atlanta to support our efforts to bring to the citizens of Houston a living wage, vigorous enforcement of air pollution laws and improved access to health care."

. . .

"It's vital that we remove corporate influence from public policy making and that we have a transparent election process," said Molison. Molison has advocated public financing of political campaigns and like McKinney has campaigned for paper ballots to restore transparency and integrity to the election process. "The campaign contributions of war profiteers have corrupted the U.S. Congress and those of the petroleum industry have corrupted our City Council. From top to bottom it's time we took our Democracy back."

Use the link below to see the rest of this Molison campaign press release.

Tribunal will give (Katrina) victims a forum

Sessions to open on storm anniversary
Friday, August 03, 2007
By Susan Finch, of The Times-Picayune

A panel of judges from the United States and abroad will gather in New Orleans later this month to hear from survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita who claim that local state and federal governments began violating their rights during the storm, continue doing so and should be held accountable for those actions.

"The American government carried out numerous crimes against humanity, human rights violations," Leon Waters of the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund said Thursday at a news conference outside U.S. District Court with other conference supporters, among them former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia.

Cynthia speaks to Press Conference on Hurricane Katrina International Tribunal

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At 10:00 am, Thursday, August 2nd, Cynthia McKinney addressed a press conference launching the 2007 International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, scheduled to convene August 28th through September 2nd, to receive testimony from survivors in New Orleans, Louisiana. The press conference was convened by the People's Hurricane Relief Fund, represented at this event by Leon Waters.

For the full text of Ms. McKinney's remarks, follow the link below.

"We are told that the failures of the government to protect its citizens on September 11th was a 'failure of imagination.' In the case of Katrina survivors they tell us that it was a 'failure of initiative.' The operative word in both tragedies, however, is failure," said Ms. McKinney. "And the families of the victims have been left, in the words of Fred Hampton, with 'answers that don't answer, explanations that don't explain, and conclusions that don't conclude.' Katrina survivors looking for a road home have found that road pockmarked by the potholes of racism, discrimination, and ineffective elected leadership."

Fulton Daily Reporter: Experts: McKinney libel claims face a tough road

A LIBEL COMPLAINT claiming that former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney was the victim of “false and defamatory statements” published by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial columnist, Cynthia Tucker, left a local libel expert dubious of the action’s likelihood of success—and somewhat puzzled as to what McKinney is claiming the newspaper did to her.

“I think [McKinney] has a very difficult road ahead of her in making her case,” said Robert L. Rothman, an Arnall Golden Gregory partner who practices media law and who reviewed the July 26 filing at the Daily Report’s request. “The media has a very high level of protection in these sorts of cases, and the burden is very heavy.”

Since being voted out of office, McKinney has made speeches and presentations to groups around the country and has recently been mentioned as a potential Green Party presidential candidate. Efforts to contact her or the Georgia Green Party were unsuccessful.

Cynthia Shows AmericanBlackout to Green Party Gathering

Cynthia at the 2007 Green Party Annual Meeting.

On Sunday, July 15th, Cynthia McKinney spoke at a showing of American Blackout, shown to participants at the Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States. Among the questions she fielded after the movie were ones related to the theft of the presidential elections in 2000 and 2004, the unscrupulous strategies used against her in the 2002 and 2006 congressional races and her thoughts on what is required to strategically move the Green Party towards 5% of the vote in the Presidential elections. Here audience was quite appreciative and and combined standing ovations with chants urging her to "Run, Cynthia, Run." (Running time: 45:18)

Nation: Greens Hear Nader, McKinney and Ponder the Politics of 2008

The Green Party's national meeting in Reading, Pa., highlighted the fact that there are a good many Americans who want an alternative to the often disappointing choices offered them by the Republican and Democratic parties. Featuring major addresses by consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, as well as former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney ☼, D-Ga., the annual "Green for a Change" gathering held July 12-15 attracted hundreds of activists from across the country.

Neither Nader or McKinney is running for the presidency now. But their appearances at a meeting that was seen as an opportunity for announced and potential candidates to meet and greet Green activists from around the country was significant.

. . .

McKinney was similarly circumspect. The former congresswoman's not a candidate yet, she said, but she is talking seriously to a number of Green activists. And, McKinney added, she too is getting plenty of encouragement to make the race.

That was evident in Reading on Sunday, when McKinney's speech was greeted with chants of "Run, Cynthia, run!"

an Interview on WBAI with Bobby Seal and Cynthia McKinne

22:42 minutes (51.96 MB)

In this radio interview, WBAI speaks first to Bobby Seale about the history of the founding of the Black Panther Party, its work to monitor rogue police conduct in the Black community and his current work.

Fifteen minutes into this twenty-three minute program, Cynthia McKinney joined the interview to discuss a recent case where the New York City Police Department harassed and arrested civil rights attorneys who stopped to observe inappropriate police conduct in the city. She also discusses the recent 'family jewels' revelations of illegal activities by the US Central Intelligence Agency. She discusses her legislation from the 106th Congress which would, if passed, have withheld Federal financing and material support from local police departments found responsible for violating the human and civil rights of people in their jurisdiction.

She wraps up commenting on the US Social Forum in Atlanta and on the unresponsiveness of the elected Congress to the demands for peace by the American people.

"Well, obviously, the members of the United States Congress and the Democratic majority in that Congress have not been responsive to the voices of the people who want a stop to war in Iraq and the senseless wars that are going on and the threat of world war. Because the wars have been funded.

"The American people have rachet up our engagement with the system that purportedly represents us. Now if people in Haiti, and Venezuela, and Bolivia and Chile and Brazil and Nicauraugua can stand up for their right to vote, to have their vote counted, to make democracy very real for them, then surely we in the United States can do the same. And we have an obligation to not only ourselves, but the international community, to do the same."

Two Proud Supporters show off their signed T-Shirts

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Dear Congresswoman McKinney,

Please see the attached photo of 2 happy supporters proudly displaying the "Cynthia McKinney for Congress" message.

Your leadership and vote has been sorely missed in Congress these past months. We look forward to hearing your decision for 2008.

Thank you for everything.

George Cammarota

Editors note: You can get your own signed t-shirts at Ms. McKinney's online store.

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