Cynthia McKinney
St. Mary's Church, Harlem (Manhattan/NYC).
June 9, 2007

Video: Cynthia McKinney speaks to the Revolutionary Love event.

Program title "Revolutionary Love"
Running time 37:42
Event to retire her Congressional campaign debt also featured Lynne Stewart and MC'd by Pacifica's Robert Knight.
Talks about her political history and 2008.

In this video recorded speech, Ms. McKinney spoke at length on the struggles against the Jim Crow election laws of Georgia, the backlash to her electoral success, the impact of COINTELPRO activities by Federal law enforcement agencies, and on her hopes for 2008.

On three occasions she addresses speculation that she might run for President next year. "Yes the event is about helping me retire my debt. That's about 2006. But I know many of you are here because you want to know about 2008."

She later says: "I really do want to do something in 2008, it will be the fullest expression that I know of Revolutionary Love because we will make Revolution and it will only be about Love."

At the end of the program, Robert Knight of Pacifica Radio who MC'd the evening's events takes the pulpit to ask: "I can't hardly wait for 2008. Ms McKinney, in 2008, what color is your parachute?" McKinney responds from the audience, "it's not red and it's not blue"